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How to buy the Floin Token via crypto SWAP

Modified on Fri, 09 Feb 2024 at 01:56 PM

There are multiple benefits to buying and holding the Floin Token. Most notably, it is a condition for becoming a member of our Floin+ program, which grants you access to the exciting world of tokenized assets. So how do you buy FLTK? We offer you two options, crypto SWAP and SEPA payment. This is a step-by-step guide that will help you purchase FLTK via SWAP.  

  1. In the Assets page, select the Buy button.

  2. A window opens up, offering you two options. To purchase FLTK via SWAP, select the Proceed to SWAP button.

  3. You can now see the SWAP interface, with the preselected USDC (Polygon) to FLTK swap pair. To purchase FLTK via SWAP, you need USDC on Polygon and enough MATIC to cover the fee. You can find your current USDC balance in the top-right corner of the interface.

  4. Once you enter the amount of USDC you want to swap, you will see how much FLTK you will receive. In this example, the user has decided to swap 15 USDC and they will receive 224.18334281 FLTK.

    As every transaction comes with a cost, you can see all the related fees/charges in the Details and Limits box on the right-hand side of your screen. As we are transacting on Polygon, the network fee is paid in MATIC. There is also a Platform fee Floin collects, and that fee is collected in FLTK. For swap transactions, the fee is 0.4% with a €1.5 minimum. In this example, the user will pay 0.03640654 MATIC network fees (approximately €0.02), and 23.89953102 FLTK Platform fees (the €1.5 minimum, as the 0.4% fee on this transaction would be lower than €1.5).

    Once you confirm you accept the Terms of Service by checking the box in the main interface, click the Swap button to initiate the transaction.

  5. The 2-factor-authentication (2FA) window will appear. Enter the 2FA code and select Continue to approve the transaction.

  6. A notification will appear to confirm the transaction is being processed. This usually takes a few moments. You can move on from this screen by clicking on Continue.

  7. Once the swap has been completed, you will see the confirmation in your swap History. The success of the swap is confirmed with the Completed label in the Status column. You can also verify other information about the transaction, such as the amount of USDC swapped and the amount of FLTK received. If you want to see more information, you can select the Details button at the end of the row.

  8. Once you select the Details button in the History chart, more information about the swap transaction will appear. You can find the assets involved, in this example USDC and FLTK, and the amounts transacted. The date of the transaction, the transaction ID (which you can use to verify the transaction on blockchain scanners), and the fee breakdown.

In a few simple steps, you have successfully swapped USDC on Polygon to FLTK. If you want to learn how to purchase FLTK via SEPA, click here.  

If you have any additional questions about buying FLTK or need assistance getting started, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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