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How to buy the Floin Token via SEPA payment

Modified on Fri, 9 Feb at 1:57 PM

There are multiple benefits to buying and holding the Floin Token. Most notably, it is a condition for becoming a member of our Floin+ program, which grants you access to the exciting world of tokenized assets. So how do you buy FLTK? We offer you two options, crypto SWAP and SEPA payment. This is a step-by-step guide that will help you purchase FLTK via SEPA payment.

  1. In the Assets page, select the Buy button.

  2. A window opens up, offering you two options. To purchase FLTK via SEPA payment, select the Proceed to SEPA button.

  3. You can now see the SEPA interface with the FLTK purchase preselected. To start the process, enter the amount of EUR you want to spend to purchase FLTK.

  4. Once you enter the amount, the interface expands showing you the information associated with the transaction. In this example, the user entered 5000 EUR in the I want to spend box.

    The Review purchase part of the screen shows all applicable fees and the amount of FLTK you will receive, depending on the market price at that moment. As this is a SEPA payment, there are no Transaction or Platform fees that Floin will charge you. Keep in mind that your bank most likely has a fee for SEPA payments. In the I will receive box you can see the amount of tokens you will receive once the payment has been settled – in this example, the user will receive 89740.95144303032 FLTK.

    Once you confirm that you accept the Terms and Conditions by checking the box on the left side of the interface, click the Buy button to create a token order.

  5. A notification appears confirming that your order has been created. Select Continue to proceed to the screen where you will enter the bank details needed for the transfer.

  6. At the top of the screen, under Order details, you can find all the information about the order you just created.

    Scroll down to Payment – Bank details to find out what information is necessary to successfully make the SEPA payment. Please make sure to correctly enter all required information, including the order number, in the payment description.

  7. Once you have entered all the information needed, you can go back to the previous screen and find the order you just created in the Orders tab. This interface shows you the basic information about the orders you create. If you select the Details button, it will take you to the screen described in step 6.

  8. Once we receive the payment and mark it as paid, the status of the order changes to Completed, and the tokens are automatically transferred to your account.

A few important notes to keep in mind

  • You can go back to the Order details page at any time if you need to review any order information. Just go to Crypto -> Buy and find the order in the Orders tab.
  • You will receive the tokens in your wallet once your SEPA transaction has  gone through/fully finished processing. This usually happens within 24 hours of making your payment.
  • We keep orders pending for 4 business days. If we don't receive your payment by then, the order will automatically be marked as canceled.

In a few simple steps, you have created a FLTK SEPA order. All that remains is to log into your bank and make the payment. If you want to learn how to purchase FLTK via SWAP, click here.

If you have any additional questions about buying FLTK or need assistance getting started, please do not hesitate to contact our support team

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