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Overview of FLTK Staking Pool

Modified on Wed, 24 Jan 2024 at 05:12 PM

Staking in the Floin ecosystem involves token holders locking up their FLTK tokens to support network operations. This process is integral to the security and functionality of the network. Participants in the staking pool receive FLTK tokens as rewards. These rewards serve as an incentive for users to stake their tokens, thereby supporting the network.

Dynamic Reward Distribution

The key feature of the FLTK staking pool is its dynamic reward distribution mechanism, which is directly tied to the number of tokens available to be staked. That way, those that have their tokens locked for a longer period of time, have an equal chance to earn rewards via staking. 

As more Floin Tokens become unlocked and available for staking, the total rewards pool increases. This means that the pool of rewards grows in response to an increase in the potential staking capacity of the network. The increase in the rewards pool is designed to match the growth in the number of tokens that can be staked.

This mechanism encourages users to stake their tokens, especially as more tokens get unlocked, since the reward potential increases along with the network’s capacity for staking. It aligns the interests of token holders with the expansion and robustness of the Floin network, incentivizing participation in the network's growth phases.

Long-Term Network Support and Growth

The dynamic nature of the rewards in the FLTK staking pool is designed to support the long-term health and expansion of the Floin network.

By tying rewards to the number of unlocked tokens, the system ensures that as more users are able to stake, the rewards pool expands, offering greater incentives for network participation and support.

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