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Overview of FLTK Staking

Modified on Wed, 08 May 2024 at 11:55 AM

Staking in the Floin ecosystem involves token holders locking up their FLTK tokens to support network operations. This process is integral to the security and functionality of the network. Participants in the staking pool receive FLTK tokens as rewards.

Staking FLTK brings two major benefits. The first one is rewards in the form of FLTK. Depending on the staking length selected, you can earn anywhere from 3.6% to 4.8% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of the amount you staked. The second benefit is membership in Floin+, which provides you with access to the most exciting tokenized real-world assets after you have staked a predefined amount of FLTK for at least 180 days.

Please keep in mind that staked FLTK remain locked up until the end of the selected staking period.

FLTK staking rewards

The minimum staking amount is 50 EUR of FLTK. As there is no maximum, you can stake as much as you want. The yearly return percentage is determined by the duration of the staking period you select. There are three options to choose from: 90, 180, and 360 days.

Duration% of rewards per month% of total rewardsYearly return (APR)
90 days0.3%0.9%3.6%
180 days0.35%2.1%4.2%
360 days0.4%4.8%

This system enables you to know exactly how many reward FLTK you can expect for each level of commitment to the Floin ecosystem.

Floin+ qualification

Floin+ will fundamentally change the way you make investment decisions by providing you with access to the most innovative and transparent investment opportunities. There are two conditions to qualify for Floin+ membership: total Volume of held assets across currencies and the amount of FLTK staked. 

Membership in Floin+ is segmented into 4 different tiers: Advance, Select, Premier, and Elite.

TierCondition 1: VolumeCondition 2: staked FLTK
Advance€ 5.000€ 3.500 (180 days)
Select€ 25.000
€ 12.500 (180 days)
Premier€ 150.000
€ 50.000 (180 days)
Elite€ 250.000
€ 100.000 (180 days)

The minimum amount you need to stake to qualify for Floin+ is €3.500 in FLTK for 180 days, in addition to meeting the Volume condition of €5.000.

If you stake an additional amount of FLTK that enables you to meet the next tier’s staked FLTK condition while meeting the Volume condition as well, you will automatically move up a tier and become able to enjoy further benefits.

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